Saturday, March 28, 2015

March - Qualification Time!

We contacted a NAR qualification judge, set a date and time and got ready to do our qualification launches.  Mr. Beggs was kind enough to meet us on a beautiful day on Saturday, March 28th.  Qualifications were due on March 30th so it was a last chance for our team.  The other team, Delta, had already flown their qualification.

 Preparing for launch

 Launch video coming soon...

Done!  We did it!  We did well! The flights went well.  Now we need to wait.  Who knows how the rest of the country (700 other teams) did.

Here we are after our launches with Mr. Beggs and Lana.

Friday, March 20, 2015

March - Meeting of the Minds

We had to call in the big guns, also known as our technical adviser, Mr. Smith (he's a NAR judge so he knows what he is doing!)  Sounds Matrix-like right?  Well he was, he and Jeremy sat at the computer working on RockSim data and figuring out what were doing wrong.  After a long chat and looking at data, we had a path forward.

Mr. Smith decided that since he is a NAR qualifying judge for the TARC qualifications he needed to recuse himself from being our judge because he was helping us with our data.  Uh oh.  But wait, he gave us a list of names we could use that were great judges.   We didn't take any pictures of Mr. Smith working on the computer.  We should have.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March - More Launches!

We launched and launched and launched.  We were getting a ton of data and running out of motors.

One thing we were noticing again was our simulations in RockSim weren't matching our data.  We needed to call a team meeting to discuss.

Wednesday, March 11th.

We worked hard trying to figure out what was wrong with our data.  We worked well into the night (on a school night no less) working with our Mentor, Ms. Hernandez.  We did many calculations and entries in RockSim.  We decided to launch on the following Saturday.

Saturday, March 14th we launched more and got more data to use:

Flight #1:
Altitude: 815ft
Time: 1m 9s
Total Mass of Rocket: 536g (ballast 60g/45g)
Temp: 58
Wind: 2 mph
Humidity: 34%

Flight #2:
Altitude: 871ft
Time: 1m 25s
Total Mass of Rocket: 557g (ballast 80g/40g)
Temp: 58
Winds 5 mph
Humidity: 29%

The motors were both from the same bag. So we increased the ballast by 25g for the second flight and it flew higher by 56ft. We didn't understand how to deal with this issue as we continued to run into the same problem. 

On a positive note, we have learned how to use the Copperhead igniters.  :-)