Saturday, May 9, 2015

Saturday, May 9th Fly-Offs!

National Fly-Off Day!

Well the day has arrived and we were ready to go.

I'll post more of the details soon...

Checking in

Walking out to the field

Walking back from our flight

Leader boards

Presentation Competition

How did we do?  We ranked 76th out of 101 teams.  As a new team we were proud to make it to nationals and we were hopeful we would do well.  Win even, but now we are more knowledgeable and are ready for the TARC 2016 challenge.  They change the requirements a bit every year, so we are already to start!

Thank you for following us on our journey.


  1. I have a few photos of your team - I was your pad manager. Let me know who to send them to - ( And it is David - not Sharon that is responding)

  2. David - Thank you so much for taking pictures of the kids. I sent you an email with the email address. - A