Sunday, February 28, 2016

What happened in 2016?

Where did we go?  Well we have awesome scores on Saturday, February 27th so we decided to try to qualify on Sunday since the weather was identical to Saturday.  Our scores have been consistent.  And as usual we are trying to avoid the Spring winds.

What happened?  Well, basically anything that could go wrong did.  Catastrophic even.  Why?  We didn't have the same delay on the new motors.  That caused issues.  We were all over the place.  We rushed.

Basically, our scores were pretty bad.  We sent them in hoped for the best.  We didn't end up making the cut but that was not a surprise. 

Positives?  We focused our energy on helping our sister team Team Zeta in their qualification launches.  They were a brand new team so we mentored them through their testing and qualifications.  Guess what? They made the third runner up list to go to Nationals.  Nobody dropped out or didn't attend, so they didn't get to go, but those were amazing results for a 1st year team. 

So we are done for the 2016 TARC.  We are looking forward to next season.  Thank you to all that supported us.

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